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    How to restore files from recycle bin in Windows 7 Ultimate?

    Some of my important files got deleted accidently and got placed in the recycle bin. When I tried to restore them I got a message saying I had no permission for it, though Iím the administrator. How do I change the permissions so that I can restore those files?

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    Re: How to restore files from recycle bin in Windows 7 Ultimate?

    Hi, Dear friend

    To resolve the above issue follow the below instructions

    First of all go to start menu and click on ALL PROGRAMS

    Now click ACCESSORIES and right click on COMMAND PROMPT and click YES

    after that type net user administrator /active:yes and press ENTER key ...

    after that go to Desktop and open the recycle ... bin and try to restore them ...

    And again if the same exists ....simply press windows key+R and type netplwiz and click OK

    then tap on USERS tab....and double click on your Administrator user NAME then tap on GROUP MEMBERSHIP then choose the ADMINISTRATOR radio button

    Then click the OK button .....and restart or logoff the PC if prompted ......and then again log on to windows with admin account ...and try again.....this time it will works

    THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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