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    How to restore Icons, Wallpaper & System Tray after System Quiesce in Windows XP?

    Many times, after using my computer for a long time the system becomes very slow. I have to restart the PC. It runs in Windows XP. After restart I cannot find the saved icons and wall paper in desktop. How to fix this issue?

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    Re: How to restore Icons, Wallpaper & System Tray after System Quiesce in Windows XP?

    This problem you get because of your system is low on RAM. This problem occur after every time you start your system, this can be happen even if you have 1 GB RAM.
    Another cause for this problem arises due to a lots of things having on your desktop screen because the icons on desktop consume a lots of RAM and slow the processing.

    So, to solve this problem you have uninstall the all those applications which are not in use and avoid all the extra things like wallpapers, text files, utorrent files, songs etc on your desktop screen.
    And do de-fragment your system regularly once in a month. Here are the steps to goto de fragment option:
    1. Click on START.
    2. Go to Accessories.
    3. Here in system tools you will find Disk defragment tool.

    First analyse the C drive and then de-fragment it. This will help your system to run smoothly.


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