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    How to retrieve lost password in Dell Inspiron

    I use a Dell Inspiron with Windows 7 Professional. One of my friends accidently changed the password and now I cannot sign in at any cost. Can somebody what I need to do now. Is there any software which I can use to clear the Admin password? Please this is urgent.

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    Re: How to retrieve lost password in Dell Inspiron

    This problem resolve when you reset your your password......to do thi you should have to follow these steps:-
    1. open the web browser and then enter *"windows password recovery tool 3.0" in Google and then download and install the software on that computer.
    2. Then run this software and create windows password reset disk by follow the instructions.
    3. Then Eject the created CD and insert it into the locked computer.
    4.Then *reboot the locked computer and then follow the instructions to reset your password.
    5.Atlast login in to the *Windows and set a new password.

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    Re: How to retrieve lost password in Dell Inspiron



    dear friend,

    You can reset the password from User account settings in control panel.

    But since you are not able to access the control panel so you have to go for repair your OS.

    Insert a bootable windows 7 OS DVD in the DVD drive.

    Restart your computer.

    After viewing the option, press any key to boot from the DVD.

    Agree with the terms & conditions of the installation & press R to start repairing.

    Setup will now copy all the files in your computer-wait till the process get finished.

    It may reboot several times during repairing-avoid pressing any key when boot from CD option appears each time.

    After the reboot during repairing, press Shift+F10 together.

    It'll open the command prompt-type nusrmgr.cpl & press enter.

    It'll allow you to access user account settings in control panel.

    Clear the older password-if you want to give the newer one,you can also provide that.

    After the repairing process , log on screen will appear.

    You can now log on to your computer using the new password-or you may log on by simply pressing enter (If you didn't set the password).

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    Re: How to retrieve lost password in Dell Inspiron

    If you have another administrator account, sign in from that account and you can change the password from control panel.
    If you dont have another administrator account, YOU cannot retrive the password back again.
    In that case, you might have to reinstall your windows.
    Thank You.

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    Re: How to retrieve lost password in Dell Inspiron

    Yes you can restore your password and you don't need any additional software just by following these steps you can retrieve your password
    1)open your system and in login screen below the password click on reset password
    2)When the Password Reset Wizard appears, clicknext to continue.
    3)Select your target disk and click next,type the new password 2 times and also give hint(that you can recover you password easily) and click on next
    4)click finish from now you can sign in with your new password.
    Thank you

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