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    How to run DVD Troubleshooter in windows xp?

    I am facing a lot of issue with my DVD drive. Sometimes it plays video files normally but many times it fails to even detect any optical drive. My friends are suggesting me to run DVD troubleshooter so I want to know the procedure for the same. How can I do that?

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    Re: How to run DVD Troubleshooter in windows xp?

    If you don't have much information about the configuration or facilities of windows xp then simply follow the below given procedure to run DVD troubleshooter in your computer:
    • First of all click on "Start" button and then on "Help and Support"
    • Now pick a topic like "Fixing a Problem".
    • Now have a look on left side of screen i.e on left Pane, click on "Games, sound, and video problems."
    • You would be able to see new options on right Pane so click on "DVD Troubleshooter" to run it.
    • To resolve your issue, choose an option which describes your problem and then hit the "Next" button.It will automatically fix your issue.
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    Re: How to run DVD Troubleshooter in windows xp?

    Hello friend..

    There are many cause of fails to detect the Optical drive..

    Firstly you check the DVD writer cable it may fault of cable..

    secondly you check the DVD writer that may be fault..

    thirdly you check the SMPS cable which connected to the DVD writer..

    finally you check the above cause you find out the error...

    all the best!!

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    Re: How to run DVD Troubleshooter in windows xp?


    To run DVD troubleshooter just try these steps...

    ====>Insert DVD into DVD Writer.

    Right click on Showing DVD under the My computer.

    Click on Troubleshoot Compatibility.

    After clicking on it Troubleshooter will start and detecting issue automatically.

    Try this i hope this will help you...

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    Re: How to run DVD Troubleshooter in windows xp?


    There might be a number of reasons responsible for the problem of the DVD drive and running only troubleshooter is just one step to solve the whole issue.

    1. check the data cable attached to the Optical Drive.
    2. ckeck the power cable of the drive.
    3. clean the lense using a cleaning disk.
    4. checking of alignment is also needed as wrongly aligned lense or beam emitter can cause trouble.
    5. checking for any other technical defect.
    6. the Device Driver for the Optical Drive, wheather using Windows Driver or Driver installed from outside source should be reinstalled.


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    Re: How to run DVD Troubleshooter in windows xp?

    Hello friend,

    I have the solution for your problem just do as i say..............

    1.Firstly check that your DVD drive will support all type of formats.

    2.If it supports only few formats then other formats will not run in your computer.

    If that is is not the problem and you want to run the DVD troubleshooter then do as i say below.

    1.Firstly go to the 'My computer' and make a right click on it.

    2.now you click on the option 'Manage' and a new window will open.

    3.from the left pane go to the 'DVD/CD-Rom Drives' and make a double click on the file under that one.

    4.there in the 'General' tab click on the option 'Troubleshoot' and the troubleshooter will open.

    That's it by doing as i said you can solve your problem.

    Have a nice day................

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