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    How to use magnifier on Windows 8 to view items?

    I can’t clearly view the images and items on certain part of the screen on my PC upgraded to Windows 8. I am planning to use magnifier for viewing them properly. In what way can I use this feature?

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    Re: How to use magnifier on Windows 8 to view items?

    First of all, swipe from the right edge of the desktop and tap the ‘Search’ option. If there is a mouse, then point it to the upper-right corner of the screen. After that, drag the pointer downwards and click the ‘Search’ option. Type Magnifier into the search box and wait until the search results comes up on the screen. Click the ‘Apps’ option afterwards and select the ‘Magnifier’ option. This will open up the magnifier and you can view better image and words thereafter. You can use Windows Logo key+Esc, magnifying glass or close button in magnifier toolbar for quitting the Magnifier.

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    Re: How to use magnifier on Windows 8 to view items?

    Hello My Dear Dude ..

    Kindly follow the below steps

    Open the Home page First

    Then go to the Search option

    Then you need to Enter the " Magnifier " option

    Then click on the APPS

    Then you will see the " Magnifier " option

    Just tap on it Magnifier will open in Full screen View Unless you change the Settings

    You click on it to change the Settings like

    <> ZOOM IN

    <> ZOOM OUT

    <> RESIZE ...etc.,

    That is it


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    Re: How to use magnifier on Windows 8 to view items?

    Hi dear friend................to use the magnifier option ...follow the below procedure

    first press windows key+Q combination from the keyboard

    then type magnifier in the search box

    at the left pane there is a magnifier option will be appeared .......then click on it

    after that a small box will be opened in that click + and - button for the ZOOM IN and ZOOM out

    ALL THE BEST...........!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Re: How to use magnifier on Windows 8 to view items?

    To use the magnifier on windows 8

    • swipe to the edge of the screen
    • Then select the search option
    • then type magnifier in the search filed and tap on enter
    • Now click on the Apps option
    • Then select the Magnifier by clicking on it
    • The magnifier will open in the Full screen mode
    To close the magnifier click on the magnifying glass and select close.

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