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    How to useIntousairbrush in a Windows tablet?

    I bought a Windows tablet recently. I am not familiar with using tabs and hence find the Intous airbrush difficult to handle. How do we use the airbrush?

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    Re: How to useIntousairbrush in a Windows tablet?

    The Intous airbrushes are rather easier to use like the Intous pen. The airbrush includes in addition a finger wheel for additional control. You should hold the brush between your thumb and middle finger in such a way that it is easier to roll the finger wheel. You can tilt the brush to a convenient position so that you can draw with ease with adequate pressure sensitivity. By moving the wheel forward your can reduce the flow of ink and by moving it backward increase it. While the airbrush is not being used place it flat on the table or in the pen stand. It is to be noted that the airbrush should not be placed with its tip touching the surface as this can reduce the sensitivity of the tip.

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