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    HP Laptop with Windows 7 Home Premium freezes at Startup screen

    Am running a Windows 7 Home Premium on my PC which is working fine from years but now it if freezing at the home screen. It starts up normally but soon after getting the home screen it freezes and there will no option for me to get access over it, mousemove, keyboard keys wont work. I have to try restarting until it gets work.

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    Re: HP Laptop with Windows 7 Home Premium freezes at Startup screen

    Hi Friend,

    >> The Problem is Windows 7 Home Premium Freezes at Startup Screen.

    >> You have to check that system drive has enough space.

    >> So clear some space from the System Drive.

    >> Also remove the temporary files from the system.

    >> If virus has affected to your system then speed of the system will slow down.

    >> So install any Best Antivirus into the system and Remove the virus from the System.

    I Hope you will understand.

    All The Best.

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