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    HP Pavillion laptop turned off automatically after paying bill

    I have an HP Pavillion laptop having windows 7 OS.It was used to pay bills at bank site. Certainly it turned off automatically. After restarting, I made full restore through previously create restore point. Now it works fine but I am not able to connect internet. Is there any issue related to hacker/cracker? If yes then what should I do to avoid any such situations in future?

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    Re: HP Pavillion laptop turned off automatically after paying bill

    Laptop certainly turned off its normal problem. There may be various reasons for this like:-

    -Due to over heat: after continuously using laptop for long time the temperature of CPU or GPU will rise and may lead to immediate shutdown.
    so monitor your system with the help of monitoring tools.

    -one reason may be due to some driver failure or windows file corruption.

    -another reason is because of virus hacker or cracker, in this case use a good antivirus which will protect you laptop on the internet also.

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    Re: HP Pavillion laptop turned off automatically after paying bill

    Your problem seems to have developed due to some complications from internet. Net banking system are a delight for the hackers, Pfishers and scammers.
    I`m not sure what exactly happend to your system but a general idea i can offer you that first of all check your internet setting and correct if anything has gone wrong. Assuming you will be successfull in installing internet again, i`m going to suggest you to something more advance.
    Do install antivirus , anti spammer and anti spyware for absolute protection against those vices.
    Install a good firewall which will protect your system from unauthorised and disputed sites and aware you prior to visit a site wheather the site is questionable or the credential is allright.
    You will get site analyzing and rating programs from the net to verify the credentials of sites.
    Also delete cookies and downloaded files at regular interval to keep your system intune.
    Do never surf other sites prior and after banking operation and remember to log out then close the site. Never answer to any malicious email or surf unknown sites with low credentials.

    Hope you will be carefull in future.

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    Re: HP Pavillion laptop turned off automatically after paying bill

    hello friend . . .

    This is very import and serious problem coming in your system.
    Now you need known why it was coming what is solution for that.
    Now follow these instructions.

    1. some unwanted person is hacked your files system.
    2. Some unwanted person will be access your system information.
    3. Some Warm is running on your system.
    4. some warm is running on particular site.
    5. check your system digital certifications list is correctly configured or not.
    6. Anti virus are also some time effect by invalidate settings.

    1. Keep maintain a licensed antivirus software and with validate settings.
    once allow the secure payment transaction in your system
    2. keep maintain update date and time and also time zone settings.
    3. if it was happen one particular site payment transaction. please go through that site again.
    4. Maintain Firewall always on. use Windows Anti mal-ware tool which is enabled by Microsoft security essentials.
    5. Check the Site has been secure digital certicfication or not.
    6. that pay ment gateway is connected as https or not.
    7. if have a serious problem that so try to restore previous backup. or other wise install new operating system .

    All The Best.
    Thanks . . .

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