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    I s the Windows 8 Tablet better than Android tablets?

    Much has been heard about the new tablet being released by Microsoft. Can somebody tell in detail how it will be .Is it going to be better than the existing tablets in the market .Also will buying the Windows 8 version of tablet better than the Android tablets?

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    Re: I s the Windows 8 Tablet better than Android tablets?



    dear friend,

    Windows 8 Tablets & Android tablets not only differ in name, but also different in way to use.

    Where Google's Android is in market from past few years & Microsoft's Windows 8 Tablets released just before some days.

    Check the table to see the comparisons-

    Feature Android Tablet Windows 8 Tablet
    Appearance Has Ice cream Sandwich interface. Improved & better display quality with better application network. Has colorful Metro style tiles. Also has Live tile which can give auto update about share market, weather, horoscope, news, sports news etc.
    App Availability Android is mostly similar to iOS. It supports all of recommended softwares. But you've to convert it to jailbroken mode to use third party softwares. Since it has from windows background so it supports lots of new apps including the third party software.
    Processor It uses Google made aka ICS processor. It is good but far behind from Intel processors. This supports ARM microprocessor along with x86 processors like Intel and AMD processor. It made windows 8 tablet like a mini computer.
    Market Android is in market from last few years. There were only iPad as the competitor. But simplicity of Android gives it a good hold in market. Microsoft just launched Windows 8 tablets in the market. So it needs some time to be in the competition.
    Price In Indian market you can find the cheapest Android tabs in just 50-60 $. Since windows 8 tablets are new in market so its price is too much high now. Wait for some days-it'll get reduced.

    Hope these info will help you to choose the suitable one.

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    Re: I s the Windows 8 Tablet better than Android tablets?


    The comparisen between the two stylish and utility gadgets are normal and here are some points to think about:

    Googles Android is an established OS for portable devices as Tablet, Windows is a newcomer in the field.

    Android had gone through many stages of development but Windows 8 is about to go through the mill.

    Android use Cortex processor, Windows will use Arm as well as Intel processor.

    Windows 8 tablet will be much more easy to handle as it is known through computers for ages, but Android is relatively new and restricted to mobile and tablets.

    Windows 8 being windows is open to developers to develop many a small programs and Apps, but Android is rather closed group member and apps will be provided by Google only.

    Android operated Tablets are priced as low as Rs. 4000 +, but Windows 8 operated tablets are of far higher cost.In fact Surface the flagship of Microsofts Tablet will cost around Rs.22000 .

    But think about the intelligence involved and care for both.

    Thank you.

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