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    Icons are missing after the installation of Windows 8

    Hi, I have successfully installed windows 8 but gradually, both icons and tiles are missing from my system. I am totally unable to understand the issue but the fact is that i am facing it. I noticed this is happening during installation of KB2756872. What to do? Any help!!

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    Re: Icons are missing after the installation of Windows 8


    To fix this issue follow the given procedure

    first of all insert the OS DVD in to the ROM

    and restart the PC and press F2 or delete key at the start up

    then choose the BOOT menu and select the boot option

    after that press F10 key to save .....and choose OK ....then it restarts

    and next the process begins it copies all files .....

    after that click the Automatic repair option that is given below


    then follow the instructions and resolve your problem....


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    Re: Icons are missing after the installation of Windows 8


    Here`s a method you can try to resolve your problem which needs a deep inlook into the Operating System.

    Follow the process as described.

    Press "Windows Key + R" from the keyboard.
    In the "Run" window, type "MSCONFIG",click "Ok".

    Click "Boot" and uncheck "Safe Boot".

    On "General" tab, click select option "Selective startup", and click to clear option "Load startup items" check box.

    On "Services" tab, click select "Hide all Microsoft services" check box, click "Disable all".

    On "Startup" tab, click "Open Task Manager". In the "Task Manager" , right click on each startup item those are enabled and manually select "Disable".

    Click "OK", Restart.

    After finishing troubleshooting, follow the steps to boot in normal startup mode.

    Press "Windows Key+ R" on the keyboard.

    In "Run" window, type "MSCONFIG" , click "Ok".

    On "General" tab, click "Normal Startup" , click "OK".



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