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    Icons in the Taskbar hangs off on Windows 8

    I am new to Windows 8 environment. I tried to click any of the icons then it takes take to load and stucks in loading animation. Because of this, I cannot able to run any other application on my PC. The system stays off which is hanged. I also in need to tell you that I am using dual boot where the other operating system that is Windows 7 works fine. Please provide the information about hanging problem also give the way to solve this issue !!!

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    Re: Icons in the Taskbar hangs off on Windows 8

    This happens when the Hardware or software dis-matching Windows 8. To solve the problem temporarily, you need to Restart it and then check the Registry and see the problem for this and clear it. Sometimes it will take time to load because of the animation. Sometimes this will happen if the processor failed to support the operating system. So make sure that your processor supports windows 8 or not.
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    Re: Icons in the Taskbar hangs off on Windows 8


    dear friend,

    At first make sure that you've the following configuration to install windows 8-

    • DirectX 9 graphics device with WDDM 1.0 or higher driver.
    • Minimum RAM 1GB for 32 bit and 2GB for 64 bit.
    • Minimum 1GHz Processor.
    • Required minimum storage of 16 Gb for 32bit and 20Gb for 64 bit.
    If you don't have then uninstall windows 8 immediately.

    If you have then proceed to the following guideline.

    You told that you're operating your computer in dual boot mode.

    Have you made different partitions for these two different OS!

    If not then uninstall any of these two OS & make a new partition to install another OS.

    But it is recommended that you must use Oracle or Microsoft Virtual box to use windows 8 in windows 7 to avoid dual boot & to minimize the chance of hanging out.

    Uninstall all the unnecessary programs from your computer.

    You can also perform OS installation drive cleanup process solve the issue.

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