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    Image thumbnails appears as orange flower icon on Windows 7

    When I check photos or screenshots saved on my PC upgraded to Windows 7, I have noticed that the orange flower icon is shown as thumbnail instead of the original photo. There is no issue in opening them with Windows Live Photo Gallery. In what way can get back the original image as thumbnail?

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    Re: Image thumbnails appears as orange flower icon on Windows 7

    The first step required is to launch the Windows Explorer on your system. You can then find lot of options on the toolbar resides at the top part of the window. Click on ‘Organize/Folder and Search options’ option from that group. Then, click the ‘View’ tab visible on the window pop up on the screen. This will bring up a list of options from which locate the ‘Always use icons, never thumbnails’. Click the check box next to that option until the tick mark get disappeared from it. After that, press either ‘Apply’ or ‘OK’ button visible on the screen.

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    Re: Image thumbnails appears as orange flower icon on Windows 7

    HI, my dear friend................to get the Original Image as thumbnail

    first go the Image folder

    then just give a right click on empty area in the window

    now select the VIEW option ....then there is a options like Extra large , small Icons, medium Icons, large Icons.....etc

    then select the option from One of those ........ and see

    the thumbnail will be changed......from that option .......you can get the original Image as thumbail

    ALL THE BEST..!!!!!!!!!!

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