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    Increase dedicated video ram in Windows 7

    I am using Toshiba laptop which runs in Windows 7 Home Premium. When I tried to play chivalry medieval warfare, it says the video ram is not supporting. How can I increase the video ram?

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    Aniruddha Array
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    Re: Increase dedicated video ram in Windows 7


    You need to increase the VRAM in your system if at all you have as from your question it is not clear what are the specifications of your laptop.

    But the main requirment for a graphics hungry game is latest DirectX installed and a huge collection of RAM which helps program to run smoothly and render frames easily.

    So if you have add on Graphics card in your laptop add some VRAM in it or increase the system RAM to play the game.


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    mohan123 Array
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    Re: Increase dedicated video ram in Windows 7

    Dear friend..

    For this problem you can increase your Ram physically or You can increase Virtually also..

    You are unlikely to see noticeable performance gains by adding more memory.

    The Intel graphics are very unlikely to use more than 256MB.

    While gaming, and the remaining availible system memory is more than enough for all the games it'll be able to run.

    Basically, the Intel graphics processing speed is the bottleneck.

    While gaming,not how much memory is available.

    Adding more memory isn't going to have a significant effect.

    I hope it will help you

    Thank you and All the best..

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    solution Array
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    Re: Increase dedicated video ram in Windows 7


    Some games requires more graphic card and more RAM

    in that situations the message appears like video ram is not supported

    and to over come this issue you need to upgrade your Graphic card or RAM depending on the Game requirement

    there are many graphic card devices are available in the market

    so, simply buy the new ONE and replace it....in the place of older one

    then the problem will be resolved


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