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    ".ini" Files automatically created on Windows 7 desktop.

    On my desktop all the unknown files with the format ".ini" are automatically created on startup, am clearing all of them but when I start the machine again they are creating automatically and again I need to clear all of them. So tell me what are these files and to what they are related to my machine?

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    sivaditya Array
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    Re: ".ini" Files automatically created on Windows 7 desktop.

    hey hey, don't delete those files, because they regulate how your desktop and windows folders.. let them be in invisible mode..
    Never try to delete these files from your system.. okay.

    some times it can be virus files too
    but by default this file is not a virus. there have been a few known viruses that exploit the capabilities of the desktop.ini file.

    So it can be infected or if created by another program may have attributes that may compromise your computer. If you're concerned about this file being a virus, scan the file with an antivirus program.

    i suggest you to scan with Microsoft security essentials

    happy to serve you

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    Re: ".ini" Files automatically created on Windows 7 desktop.

    Dear friend,

    The .ini files are configuration files used by Windows to store the settings that are required for a program to behave in a particular way. If you are having desktop.ini file on your desktop then this is a hidden file that stores the appearance settings of this specific folders and programs. They are necessary for the programs installed on your system. If you delete them, the configuration settings are lost and the program creates the similar file again.
    To hide these files, you should select the option -- Donít show hidden files, folders, or drives -- in the view tab of Folder options.


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    Re: ".ini" Files automatically created on Windows 7 desktop.

    Hi dear friend,

    The desktop.ini file is a Hidden file which is used to customize and adjust the settings for the windows folders

    This file can be safely deleted from any directory

    if the folder containing this file has a different icon and you delete this file the default folder icon will be re-enabled

    and to remove these files from the desktop... simply press windows key+R and type control folders and click OK

    then tap on VIEW tab ...

    and now scroll down and check the Hide extensions for Known file types ....and Hide protected operating system files ( recommended ) options from the Advance settings box

    and then finally click the apply, OK buttons ..... get the solution

    ALL THE BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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