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    Insert System Disk error appearing while starting Windows XP

    My PC runs in Windows XP Service Pack 2. A few days back when I started my PC, I started getting an error message saying “DISK BOOT FALURE. INSERT SYSTEM DISK AND PRESS ENTER”. It starts occasionally after multiple restarts. Sometimes it doesn’t start at all. The system starts if I insert the XP boot disk. What could be the problem and how can I fix it?

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    Re: Insert System Disk error appearing while starting Windows XP

    The problem could be a failing hard disk or a corrupted Master Boot Record. Insert Windows XP CD first. Now access the Recovery Console. Run chkdisk /f. Search for ways to fix the MBR. You can also use the Disk Diagnostic tool provided by the manufacturer of your HDD to diagnose and fix the problem. A BIOS Flash may also fix the problem. An unstable power supply or lightning may cause issues with the SMPS that can corrupt MBR. So the disk diagnostic tool is the best option.

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    Re: Insert System Disk error appearing while starting Windows XP

    Insert the Windows Installer Disk into the optical drive and boot from it.

    From the options click Install now,

    Then click Repair...... option to let installer repair the corrupt system.

    Windows will self repair and once finished prompt you to remove the disk, do that and boot normally.

    Things will be back to normalcy and in case it does not,

    Backup all data , files , programs whatever you think important,

    Format the drive, clean install windows, and this will remove all disk releted problems too.

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    Re: Insert System Disk error appearing while starting Windows XP

    hi dear friend .....

    When the OS gets corrupted ....the error message disk boot failure .... appears

    and to solve this issue .....follow the below procedure

    first insert the CD in the ROM and restart the PC

    now press del key while it restarting up.....and select the boot menu by using the navigation keys from the boot menu

    and press F10 key to save...then your PC restarts automatically ........now press ENTER key within 5 dots.....to the enter the boot from CD

    now at this step press R
    4.jpg and follow the simple instructions ....and over come your issue

    and if you are unable to solve this issue with the REPAIR option

    then you need to install the OS ..that means at the above step press F3

    then after press ENTER ....and choose the drive.....and follow the remaining steps..........

    ALL THE BEST.!!!!!!!!!!

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    Re: Insert System Disk error appearing while starting Windows XP

    Dear friend this might because of the serious problem with hard drive.

    your hard drive might have been damaged.

    What you need to do is to backup the important files when the windwos start next time.

    It may be also possible that there is noproblem with the hard drive but the bios settings.

    Just follow these steps.

    1. Upon system start immediately press f1 key.

    2. This will enter you to the bios steup menu.

    3. Goto to boot device sequence and select hard drive as the first boot device.

    4. Save the settings and exit.

    5. But if the problem persist then take any professional help.


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