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    Installing Firefox version on Windows Asus

    I have a Windows 7 Asus laptop. I had tried installing the latest version of Firefox but every time something or the other went wrong. I canít figure out why Iím not able to do it. How can Firefox be installed on Windows laptop?

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    Re: Installing Firefox version on Windows Asus

    That is quite a simple task to do. I can’t imagine how you go wrong in that. You can have the latest version download of Firefox by visiting its site. The site would have displayed the latest and best version on the front page itself. You will just have to click on the green button having ‘download’ written on it. It would take a few minutes and as soon as it is completed you will get a dialog box appears with the option to run and also for cancel. Clicking on run will get the software installed on the computer. This process will take a few seconds and you would have to click on the next button in the installation wizard to get all the corresponding files also. After this you will be able to find the icon of Firefox on your system double clicking which you would be able to browse the internet.

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    Re: Installing Firefox version on Windows Asus

    Hi Friend,

    It is not a Tough task to Install Firefox on Windows 8.

    >> First You need to Download the latest Version of firefox from official website.

    >> You must download Setup according to Bits of your System. like 32 bit or 64 Bit.

    >> After download Open the Setup of Firefox.

    >> Follow the instruction.

    That's it.

    All the Best

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    Re: Installing Firefox version on Windows Asus

    Hello friend,

    I have the solution for your problem just do as i say.............

    1.This may be the problem of your installation file.

    2.So you open any of your browser.

    3.Then you go to the website 'http://www.filehippo.com'.

    4.From there you search for the Firefox software.

    5.After you download it and then install it.

    Have a nice day...........

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    Re: Installing Firefox version on Windows Asus

    hi, friend.

    >> It is very easy to install firefox in your system.

    >> but for that you need to check something that is:

    >> you have install windows 7 or more OS .

    >> because this firefox is only support in windows 7 or more version.

    >. now you need to check you bits os OS.

    >> and download appropriate version for that .

    >> and your internet connection is must have enough speed.

    >> if this is done by you then you can easily do it.

    >> all the very best

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    Re: Installing Firefox version on Windows Asus

    Take a few simple steps to accomplish the job of installing Firefox.

    Go to Start--Control Panel--Programs, check if firefox is sowing as installed or not. If it is showing as installed, uninstall it first.

    Log into www.mozilla.com, firefox will be displayed , select it and click download.
    After the download completion, click on the download file, and Firefox will be installed.

    Use it after that.

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    Re: Installing Firefox version on Windows Asus

    You did-not provide in detail that what goes wrong......

    Here is the procedure to download FIREFOX:-

    1..Click on this link

    2..click on the green download button

    3..Once the file has been downloaded click on it and click on next as it comes

    4..after installation click on finish

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    Re: Installing Firefox version on Windows Asus

    Dear guest,

    1. Download the latest Firefox setup according to your pc requirements from : http://www.google.co.in/url?q=http:/...WwY5cWSq_TedMQ
    2. After you have downloaded it just run the setup.
    3. You will be guided more about the installation as you go through the setup wizard.
    4. It will be easy.

    If you still find it difficult then kindly tell me the exact problem that you face... With necessary points about your system...

    Thank you...

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    Re: Installing Firefox version on Windows Asus

    Hi dear friend.........To install the Firefox Browser in your PC........follow the below steps Carefully

    First of all download the Latest version of Firefox....from the internet

    and for the download visit these ...web sites.... www.CNET.com or www.filehippo.com

    after the download go to the location of download folder....and double click on Firefox Setup file

    then if prompted for .... permission simply Provide the Confirmation ...that is click YES

    now click the NEXT button..........and choose the Type of Installation ....and click NEXT

    and finally click the INSTALL button .....and wait for a while...........after the completion of setup process ...which Brings up with the Dialogue box...... Firefox has been installed on your computer

    Now choose ... Launch Firefox now......option and click the FINISH button

    after that ..... the firefox .. browser will be Displayed.........and its corresponding......Short cut ...will be Displayed on the Desktop.... and also in Start menu

    ALL THE BEST!!!!!!!!!

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