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    Installing Microsoft access on Windows XP

    I own a PC installed with Windows XP. I want to download the newest version of Microsoft Access on it. Would the newest version be compatible with XP?

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    Re: Installing Microsoft access on Windows XP

    latest version of MS ACCESS is MS ACCESS 2010.

    if your Windows XP OS is SP3(Service Pack 3) and 32 Bit you can install MS Access 2010 32Bit version. Else it wont support

    Hardware requirements for MS Access 2010

    processor more than 500 MHz
    RAM more than 256 MB
    Hard Disk more than 2 GB free
    Display 1024x768 or more

    hope i gave you enough information

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    Re: Installing Microsoft access on Windows XP


    Microsoft Access 2010 is the latest version from the microsoft stable. You need to have windows XP (SP 3).

    The following is the ideal configuaration for installing MS Access 2010,

    1. Ghz Processor.
    2. GB Ram.
    3.GB Hard Drive.
    4. DVD Drive.

    You can also use the internet to find out the hardware configuaration for MS-Access 2010.


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