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    Installing Windows 7 into laptop having preinstalled DOS

    I have bought a laptop with preinstalled DOS few days back and want to install Windows 7 into it. I am in great confusion whether I need to partition my hard disk for that. What should I do for performing the partition?

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    Re: Installing Windows 7 into laptop having preinstalled DOS

    You need to do the partition even if the laptop has preinstalled DOS. Once you insert the Windows 7 DVD, boot your PC from it. Press the ‘Install Now’ button available on the screen and accept the License Agreement. Click ‘Custom’ (Advanced) option as installation type. The next step required is to click on the ‘Drive Options’ and select the drive to delete it. Click on both ‘New’ and ‘Apply’ before pressing the ‘OK’ button. Press the ‘Format’ button afterwards and click on the ‘Next’ to start up the installation process.

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    Re: Installing Windows 7 into laptop having preinstalled DOS


    Installation of Windows 7 is very easy and interactive session between you and Windows compleates the installation.

    Insert Windows installation DVD in the optical drive and boot from that.

    Click INSTALL NOW , follow the directives.

    Select the drive in which Windows should be installed , Windows installer will select the drive, create partition and format the partition.

    Always keep in mind to choose CUSTOM installation as this method loads all drivers and assisting files when installing, which will offer you better experience while running Windows 7 Operating System.

    Once finished installer will prompt you to remove the installer diskette from the drive.

    Simple, thanks.

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    Re: Installing Windows 7 into laptop having preinstalled DOS

    :: First you need to download the window 7 set from the sites.

    :: And also download the window 7 DVD usb software because it helps you ,for making the setup as a bootable.

    :: Now run the win 7 usb tool and attached The pen drive to the PC.

    :: After that in the usb tool navigate the window 7 setupa and hit the usb option .

    :: This will make your pen drive as a boot able windows 7.

    :: Now restart your laptop and it will detect the window 7 setup.

    :: After that follow the ongoing instruction ,your window 7 is install on your laptop within a 15 min.

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