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    Installing windows 8 Customer Preview on my Sony Laptop?

    own Sony Laptop which is powered by windows 7. This works fine where the visualization effects seems to be much more and more good than the previous version Vista and Windows XP. I know that the Microsoft have launched Windows 8 customer Preview.One of my friend told that it works well than the windows 7. I want to install that on my Laptop. I bought the Windows 8 Customer Preview genuine copy of my own but I am in little bit confusion in Installing process.Is the Installation is same as other OS or it requires additional steps to follow. Any how I want a clear explanation regarding this.

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    Re: Installing windows 8 Customer Preview on my Sony Laptop?

    Yes,the installation seems to be same as other OS versions.Insert your downloaded copy of WIndows 8 Customer Preview onto the Disc.Click on Prompt which appears at the upper right corner of the screen and click the Run.exe which appears next.This will take you to a Install screen.The thing you have to do in this is that you have to Re-install all the Programs and apps that you had on DP/CP.Here where Change Selection option will be available.This option will take you to previous windows where nothing is checked and you canít change it too.So do a cold boot by clicking the Install option on the INstallation wizard which will install the entire Windows 8 Customer Preview.
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    Re: Installing windows 8 Customer Preview on my Sony Laptop?

    hi my dear friend.................before the installation of the windows 8 consumer preview

    first check the compapitability of your configuration ........


    1Ghz of process

    16 GB of hard drive

    1 GB of RAM

    DirectX 9 graphics card


    1 GHZ of processor

    20GB OF Hard disk

    2GB of RAM

    DirectX-9 graphics card..........

    and if you have the above configuraion...then download the windows 8 consumer preview from the INTERNET

    then burn it in ot DVD ...........and restart your pc

    then press DELETE key from the keyboard while it starting up

    then you menu will be opened ....then go to BOOT option

    and select the BOOT PRIORITY option

    and select the BOOT OPTION 1 as CD/DVD ROM

    then press F10 to save .....and select OK

    then your pc automatically restarts.......then press ENTER to boot

    then follow the instructions .....to complete the installation of Window 8..............ALL THE BEST

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    Re: Installing windows 8 Customer Preview on my Sony Laptop?

    hi, friend

    >> you have sony laptop and want to install windows 8.

    >> here is some tips and instruction is there ..

    This is very easy steps to install windows OS.

    >> just before install it you have to know about its requirement

    >> windows 8 is a graphical and high resolution version of OS.

    >> so for that you need some requirement that is:

    >> minimum 2 gb of RAM

    >> 16GB of free hard disk space and

    >> minimum graphics card.

    >> after that if you have this then you are only one step far from your installation.

    >> Get windows 8 bookable disk.

    >> just insert it into writer.

    >> now boot this cd using f8 and your process is start.

    >> just follow step that is shown by OS.

    >> you have done.

    >> all the very best

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