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    Internet Explorer 9 Display “Error 403” in Windows 7 when I try to Access any website?

    I am using Windows 7 with Administrator Account.All the functions are working quite well but whenever I try to Access any site using my Internet Explorer, instead of opening the site it displays an error message “Error 403”. When I try to Access the same site using other Browsers, they displays “Service Debarred” .I am only able to access Internet when I write url in https:// instead of http://. What is the problem and How to fix this error?

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    Re: Internet Explorer 9 Display “Error 403” in Windows 7 when I try to Access any website?

    Error 403 is returned by the server when the user try to access the page or content or media whose permission is not granted by the server. Actually the Internet works due to participation of Client and Server. Client is the local computer and server has very large storage capacity. You can assume it a combination of multiple hard disks. The client sends requests to server and server then processs the request accordingly.If server has finished the processing then you would be able to open the site of your request but if server has failed then it will return some error. Error 403 is also caused due to this.It can also occur in the following case :
    The host file has been damaged or contains Incorrect Information.
    Your windows has been corrupted.
    Your antivirus has disabled the IIS feature of windows.
    Their might be problem in the script of your Internet Explorer due to which your Internet Explorer is not able to display the page.
    Some third Party software related to Internet has disabled some features.

    You said that you are able to Access the page when you use https:// which means there is no any problem with the script of Internet Explorer. The problem can be due to Either Some third party software or Antivirus. To solve this Issue ,simply remove any third party software which is related to Internet such as Web Accelerator or something like that and then try to access the page again.If the problem still persists then check the setting of your antivirus and enable Internet Access feature.your problem will be solved.
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    Re: Internet Explorer 9 Display “Error 403” in Windows 7 when I try to Access any website?

    Follow these steps:


    2.Double-click on the ADD/REMOVE PROGRAMS in control panel.

    3.Click on the INSTALL/UNINSTALL tab to see a list programs.

    4.Click on a program, and then click on the Add/Remove button. Allow time for the removal process to complete.

    5.Continue removing all third-party programs and then close the Control Panel window.

    6.Open Internet Explorer again to see if the message stops appearing.

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    Re: Internet Explorer 9 Display “Error 403” in Windows 7 when I try to Access any website?

    "Error 403" occurs *when *try to Access the same site using other Browsers, they displays*“Service Debarred” often occurs while accessing the Windows Update*website. The error can also appear when using Web accelerator software or a Firewall.*
    To resolve this error we have to follow these dteps:-
    1First Click the "Start" button and then the "Run" link. The Run box displays on-screen.
    2 Then Type the "regsvr32 /u c:\windows\system\wuv3is.dll" location in the Open box. Click the "OK"*button.
    3.then Click the "Start" menu and the "Find" option. Click the "Files or Folders" settings, and then type*"Wuv3is.dll" in the box. Click the "OK" button.
    4.Now Right-click the file name and then click the "Delete" option from the drop-down menu. This deletes the*entire Windows Update download history.
    5.Click the "Start" menu and the "Run" command.
    6.Type the "Explorer" link in the box and click the "OK" button.
    7.Expand the "Program Files" in the left pane and then the Windows Update section in the left pane.
    8.Then Click the right pane to select the "Wuhistv3.log" file.
    9.Then click the "Edit" button and the "Invert selection" option.
    10.click on "Delete" key, on your keyboard, and then click the "Yes" button to confirm.

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    Re: Internet Explorer 9 Display “Error 403” in Windows 7 when I try to Access any website?


    May be the file corrupted or damaged .....of Internet explorer

    and to resolve this issue .....follow the given instructions

    first click the start menua and go to control panel

    and after click network and internet option

    and after that click internet options


    Direcly press the windowskey+r combination from the keyboard

    and type in that inetcpl.cpl and press ENTER key from the keyboard

    then a window will be opened.....in that window tap on the Advanced TAB

    after that click restore advanced settings option

    then follow the simple instructions....and solve your problem............thank you

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