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    Internet explorer goes back to metro screen

    I have a Windows 8 Pro surface tablet. The problem is that I am not able to load internet explorer in metro apps. The window opens but the website does not load and after some time it crashes and I am back to metro screen. I tried reinstalling but it does not help. Any ideas anybody?

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    Re: Internet explorer goes back to metro screen

    hi my dear friend.........To over come the above issue follow the given procedure........

    first go to start menu...and open the internet explorer

    and choose the tools menu and select the internet options

    then there is a window will be displayed.........in that window choose the advanced TAB

    then click on Reset option ....which is located at the bottom of the same window

    then...choose the the reset personal settings .....Depending on your choice

    then click reset button ..............to complete the process...............ALL THE BEST

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