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    Internet Explorer opens n number of times even I closed

    I have installed Windows 7 on my Laptop. I use Internet Explorer as a default browser while the other browser does not satisfies me. When I open the Internet explorer, it also responding me then I use to search whatever I want. Then I will close the window once I done browsing. Now the problem is, even though I closed the window, the Internet Explorer opens n number of times. I do not know why this happens. To close the all window, I will go for Task Manager and I will choose end all of the pages that keep opening. This brings me more and more tension. Can anyone help me out by giving solution. Good answer will be appreciable.

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    Re: Internet Explorer opens n number of times even I closed

    Yes, you can solve this problem in simple steps. You need to run Internet Explorer without add-ons. To do this, Go to start and click on it then choose All programs then point to Accessories. Then point to system tools. Now click on Internet Explorer(no Add-ons). You canít follow these steps if you are using Internet Explorer 7 or Internet Explorer 6. If you are using these versions then follow these steps. Open Internet Explorer and click on tools and select Internet Options. Now click the programs tab and then select Manage add-ons. Click Add-on in the name list and then click on Disable.
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