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    "Internet Explorer unable to load this webpage." on Windows 7.

    Am unable to use the internet through Internet Explorer, I mean to say that Internet explorer won't load any webpage but other browsers are working fine. What is wrong with the Internet explorer, I have tried to find a fix for this problem but so far I have not found any.

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    Re: "Internet Explorer unable to load this webpage." on Windows 7.

    Start Internet Explorer,Click Tools,Click Delete Browsing History option.Tick against all available options for deletion possibly execption of the Password, which can save passwords from being permanently deleted.After deleting all the content from the browser cache, run the browser and browse the net. It should do so, but if it fails, Click Tools,Click Manage Add-Ons,disable few or all Plug-ins and extentions from Internet Explorer.Exit and rerun Browser, now ther shsould be no further issues any more.

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