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    Issue in uploading anything to any site using Windows 7

    I am using Windows 7 in my System. It initially worked well and later whenever I try to upload any file or Picture to any Website. I am unable to do it. It shows loading and loading and later it is not uploaded. Please, anyone help me in Solving the Problem.

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    Re: Issue in uploading anything to any site using Windows 7

    It seems that your System worked well for sometime and later not responding as you want. Then you need to reboot your System. Reboot it in Safe mode and run complete Virus Scan. Be sure that your Anti Virus in updated and start full Scan. After completing full Scan, disable the firewall. Run the browser in the safe mode. Then check your network drivers and update them if required.
    Sometimes it may be the Problem with the Latest Installed Programs. They may lead to severe Problem if they are neglected. They may uninstall the Network related files. So, follow as said and you are free from your Problem.
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    Re: Issue in uploading anything to any site using Windows 7


    the problem is with your network or browser

    try these given instructions.. which may helps you

    go to control panel and click the system and security option

    next click on action center option

    and after click troubleshooting option

    and choose the network and internet option

    next click internet connections and click NEXT

    and enter administrator password if prompted and click NEXT

    then find the problem and solve it

    and also do the same procedure for the browser

    and if you are unable to solve with the trouble shooter

    then re-install the browser if the problem is browser ( if the browser is IE then reset the browser settings )

    and re- install the drivers in the problem is Drivers


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    Re: Issue in uploading anything to any site using Windows 7


    Your problem of uploading failure can occur due to many reasons, of which i`m mentioning a few.

    First of all clean the entire system with a quality and effective virus cleaner this will remove a primary hardle from your unsuccessfull effort.

    If you have any proxy server check its settings.

    Also disable any firewall if at all installed in the system, or set it to allow files uploading option.

    Re install browser after downloading from the net.


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