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    iTunes 11 ‘Not Responding’ in Windows 8

    iTunes 10.7 used to work on PC without problems. But since I updated the version to 11.0.2, this problem started appearing in my Windows 8 PC. Whenever I try to create playlists, search songs or attempt a sync, iTunes just stops working, displaying ‘Not Responding’ in the Window. I tried reinstalling the program and closing all background apps. But it still persists. Is it possible to fix this issue?

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    aditya807 Array
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    Re: iTunes 11 ‘Not Responding’ in Windows 8


    This kind of problem might be caused due to these reasons...

    ====>Due to virus file or system infected file.
    ====>iTunes does not installed fully into your Windows 8 system.
    ====>iTunes does not supported by Windows 8.
    ====>Due to heavy loading condition of the system.

    To solve that problem and work with iTunes in Windows 8 try these steps....

    ====>Firstly make you system virus free.
    ====>Install antivirus software and scan your computer with that.
    ====>Antivirus scanning will fix all the virus file and make your system workable.
    ====>Now try to open iTunes this time you will get proper response.
    ====>If you still have an issue than try next steps.........
    ====>Sometime corrupt installation of iTunes make this kind of issue.
    ====>Uninstall the iTunes and re-install it into your system.
    ====>Now try to work with iTunes.
    ====>This time you will get proper response.

    Try this i hope this will help you.........

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    Satya Praveen Array
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    Re: iTunes 11 ‘Not Responding’ in Windows 8

    Hello friend,

    I have the solution for your problem just do as i say.........

    1.Firstly check the files which you have updated are may be affected by any virus so scan your computer and delete the affected files.

    2.Or the files of iTunes software may be got corrupted.

    3.So you better to uninstall that software from your computer.

    4.Later you go to the website http://www.techspot.com/downloads/47...ows-64bit.html'.

    5.Then from there you download that software and later you install it.

    Have a nice day..........

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    Re: iTunes 11 ‘Not Responding’ in Windows 8

    Hi dear friend......... it might be the problem of corrupted or File missing....and to solve this problem follow the below guide lines

    So, first of all uninstall it from the control panel ...... and also remove the registry entries of Itunes also that is

    press windows key+r and type regedit and press ENTER Key

    then expand HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE and next expand Software folder

    under the software .........delete iTunes related folder.........

    after that download it again from the internet

    and for the download visit this web site www.filehippo.com

    then re-install it ...........after that your problem will be resolved


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