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    Jraid.sys driver file stopping Windows upgrade

    My computer runs in Windows Vista 64 Ultimate edition. A few days back I performed an upgrade of the OS to Windows 7. The upgrade started fine and then the system restarted, as part of the process. But after the reboot, I get a message saying “Windows cannot find the file jraid.sys”. I am left with the option to start setup again or boot with Vista. Can anyone tell me how to get past this issue?

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    Re: Jraid.sys driver file stopping Windows upgrade

    Dear friend.

    Make sure that the installation dvd you are using is correct and faulty.


    1. Purchase a philips lens and the disc cleaner.

    2. Insert the lens cleaner and the play its contents.

    3. Now apply the disc cleaner solution on the dvd and clean it using a cotton cloth.

    4. Now try copying the files of the dvd somewhere on the hard drive.

    5. If the copy is successfull then go with the installation and

    6. If copy showed some errors then you need to get new windows setup dvd and then continue the setup.

    Hope this information helped you.

    For the further help post to my visitor massage.



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    Re: Jraid.sys driver file stopping Windows upgrade

    Hello friend...

    If you want to fix the error manually then you can perform a system restore.

    If you are not aware how to perform a system restore then follow the details given below:

    ->Click start menu of windows, type "Restore" in the search box on the start menu.

    ->Click the System Restore option in the top of the start menu.

    ->Now you have activated the system restore center.If you choose the first option 'Recommended Restore', System will choose a restore point for you.In this case i recommend you to select 'Choose a different restore point' which is more customizable for users.

    ->You will presented with a list of restore points that you are created before,select one of them which you believe previous to happen of Jraid.sys error

    ->Confirm your selection and the system will be restarted and rolled back to the selected point

    Hope this may help you...

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