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    KB2770917 update tend to fail on Windows 8

    I have recently upgraded my PC to Window 8 and I am having issues with Windows Update. It fails to install KB2770917 update into my PC. Whenever I try for that, it asks me for a reboot. How can I fix up this issue?

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    Re: KB2770917 update tend to fail on Windows 8

    Press Window key+R using the keyboard connected to your PC. This will open up the Run command. Type msconfig into the field appears on the screen and hit the ‘Enter’ key. You can then view System Configuration Utility window on your screen. Go to the top part of that window and press the ‘Services’ tab. Select the checkbox appears next to ‘Hide all Microsoft Services’ label. Click the ‘Disable All’ button afterwards and restart your PC. Then, install the update and see whether the issue still persists or not.

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