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    Keyboard start stop switches only work with windows media player

    I want to ask a question to you guys. There are some keys on my laptop for playing or stopping the songs but they only work with windows media player, which i don't use. I use VLC player more often.Is there any way through which the keys can be made to work with VLC media player. Thanks

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    Re: Keyboard start stop switches only work with windows media player

    You can remap or assign keys from your keyboard to VLC at any time.To do this, follow the below given steps:

    1. Open VLC media player and click on "Tools". Now select Preferences.
    2. From the left hand side,select Hotkeys.
    3. You will now see a window for configuring an action and associating it with a Hotkey. Scroll down until you find the action "next" and then double click on it.
    4. You should now be prompted to enter a new key for "next Track".Now press the multimedia key on your keyboard which represents the next track.
    5. When done, do the same for the play, pause,stop,volume and all other keys you want to map with the multimedia keyboard.This mapping will now be saved in VLC's database and you can use them in future.
    Usually, VLC has frequent updates which should take care of the keyboard mappings automatically, unless the hardware design is not a common one.In those cases, you can use the above trick.

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