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    Kodak Wireless Printer is not working with Windows 7 Professional

    I restored Kodak Wireless Printer in Windows 7 Professional. When I tried to take the print of the document, it gave me the yellow icon for trouble shooting. I do not want this, is I restarted the printer and it should not have problems further. What might be the problem? Please, help me!

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    Re: Kodak Wireless Printer is not working with Windows 7 Professional

    Sure you don't like the situation, but it happend and happend due to reasons which need to be addressed.

    The device driver for the wireless device is not functioning and need to be changed immediately.

    Go to :

    Start--control panel--hardware and sound--device manager--bluetooth--driver--uninstall to clean the existing off the windows setup. Update Driver to update with the latest driver .

    Or use your companion CD that you must have received with the printer pack.
    Insert the CD in the optical drive and run the setup program which will instakl the Kodak driver compatible to the version of windows you have and that will enable your printer to communicate to windows and solve your problem.

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