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    Laptop automatically deletes folders and goes into system repair on Windows 7

    I was browsing the net when suddenly the laptop closed everything and went into system repair mode. When I tried to log in as another user, I found that folders were empty but disk showed more space. What can I do to solve this?

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    Re: Laptop automatically deletes folders and goes into system repair on Windows 7

    Hi dear friend..........it might be the problem of Virus or malware ,....or other software related problems

    To solve this issue first of all click the start button

    now type command prompt ........then right click on it and choose run as administartive option and click YES

    now type sfc/scannow and press ENTER key and wait until the completion of process

    and if still the problem persists.......simply go for restore process that is

    first click the start button and go to control panel

    after that click on system and security option

    now choose Backup and restore option

    then click recover system settings or your computer option

    click, open system restore button

    then select already created restore point and click next ......and finally click FINISH button

    if you have any backup image or Repair disc then choose select another backup for restore files option

    then click on NEXT button.......and finally click on FINISH button

    ALL THE BEST!!!!!!!!!

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