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    Laptop randomly shutting down in Windows 7

    I have bought a brand new Asus laptop. It has pre installed Windows 7. After installing antivirus, the system randomly shuts down. How to resolve this problem?

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    gauravgpt Array
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    Re: Laptop randomly shutting down in Windows 7

    Hello friend..

    you don't be worry because after the install the some antivirus they restart the windows 7..

    After the install the antivirus windows 7 working properly so you don't worry your windows 7 is safe...

    it is most important to take a backup time to time..

    All the Best!!

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    Re: Laptop randomly shutting down in Windows 7


    some antiviruses detect the .exe files..... and which are deleted by the antivirus

    due to this some important OS files also ...deleted by the antivirus ......which results the shutdown problems and restarting problems

    and if the OS gets effected by the virus then also this type of problem arises

    to fix this type of issue...follow these

    simply restore your windows to solve the issue that is

    click the
    start menu and go to control panel

    and after click system and security option

    and now click on
    backup and restore option

    and click
    recover system settings or your computer option

    then click
    open system restore button ..............and if you already have the Restore point or recover image then go with the Advaned recovery method option

    then click the select
    recomended restore option and click NEXT

    and finally click the
    FINISH button ...... then the restore process will begins

    and your problem will be resolved...


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    Re: Laptop randomly shutting down in Windows 7

    Dear friend..

    For this problem check some options..

    1. May be your Operating system not Genuine..

    After complete trail version validity it will restart problems occuring..

    2. Up dates installation..

    Up dates are installed then also some times it will restart automatically some times..

    3. Virus

    If you have virus then also it will be restart automatically..

    For this Install Good Anti virus and Scan regular and Remove Virus..

    I hope it will help you..

    Thank you and All the best..

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    Aniruddha Array
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    Re: Laptop randomly shutting down in Windows 7


    Auto Shut Off by Windows is caused by many problems.

    1. The system should be checked for virus using a good antivirus and malwarebite software.

    2. Have you installed any update recently? If you can recall uninstall the update and watch out for the result.

    3. You may take a chance to correct any defect in Windows by using the installer diskette into the drive and selecting REPAIR option and following the process accordingly.


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    ozvert Array
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    Re: Laptop randomly shutting down in Windows 7

    Hello dear...................

    This may be due to malware or Bugs in your system.
    so in order to remove the malware you have to install antivirus like

    after installing the anti virus you have to scan the system in full scan mode and any infections clean them
    your problem will be solved
    It sometimes due to corruption of your OS.
    So, try to install a fresh copy of OS and install antivirus.


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