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    Lenovo External Hard disk is not supported in Windows 8

    I connected Lenovo Hard disk to Windows 8 System. I can see it and can access it, but the problem is that when I double click on the folder, sometimes it opens and sometimes it does not open. I used to remove and reconnect it to make it work. What might be the problem? Please, help me!

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    Re: Lenovo External Hard disk is not supported in Windows 8


    The external hard drive is quite okay and Windows is recognizing it too.

    the problem is in the External Hard Drives Device Driver.

    Reinstall the Device Driver from the companion Disk of Lenovo in Windows.
    Or, download a new device driver from Lenovo.com and install .
    or, Update Windows External Drives device driver.

    And there wil be no problem in running the drive.


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