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    Listing of good free travel apps to work with Windows Phone 7

    I am planning to get a good travel app to work with my Windows Phone 7 which will ease off my travel pressures. But I prefer installing a free app than getting into trouble with a purchased app. Can you please give your suggestions on the best travel apps for my device?

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    Re: Listing of good free travel apps to work with Windows Phone 7

    The travel apps to work on Windows platform mostly come in paid versions offering flexible features for travel convenience. There are also free apps in the travel category with limited applications compared to paid ones but still adding to user comfort. Some of the most commonly used free travel apps for Windows 7 phone include the following.

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    Re: Listing of good free travel apps to work with Windows Phone 7

    hi friend,

    list of free travel apps for windows7:









    9.expedia hotels

    10.yelp etc...................

    hope the message is helpful for you
    all the best
    regards srilekha

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    Re: Listing of good free travel apps to work with Windows Phone 7

    Dear guest,
    you have not mentioned the company that your windows seven phone belongs to. Well in that case I'll take liberty to let you know the travel apps available for cellphones specially having Nokia brand.
    1. Nokia city lens: this app lets you click a picture of a place and the intelligence finds out places like restaurants, petrol pumps, bus stations etc in the area. All that you need is an internet connection and patience to click a photograph...

    2. Maps.: this is generally pre downloaded to your cellphone. You get various view of the maps around your locality. Your position is located is position indicator is Enabled. You can get satellite view.

    3. G maps: this map feature is available but I have not used it and hence can't tell you nor recommend it to you. But just for your information. It is available..

    4. Nokia drive: for me this is the best traveller app as you can use it in the offline also. All that you have to do is download the necessary maps on your phone when you are connected to the WiFi service. You can even download voices in different languages. You need internet connection later just for the god to identify you. You can select desired routes, and the app tells you where to go what to do.(eg:turn left in 400 metres)

    So good luck. and choose the app according to your situation.

    Thank you..

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    Re: Listing of good free travel apps to work with Windows Phone 7

    you can use any of the following traveling apps for windows 7 phone-

    1>DB Navigator-This app wii enable your to navigate/locate the desired co-ordinates where you wish to go.
    you just need to set the location of the place and it automatically tells you the distance , best way and shortcuts to the destination.

    2>Google Maps Navigation-This app is the most widely used app for navigation. the Google Maps Navigation provides street-view options, satellite views option as well.
    you can even tag places in the map that you know.this is the most illustrative app among all the navigation apps.

    Waze Social GPS & Traffic-this app provides you with the latest update of the traffic level of areas in the map.
    it also provides you with the location of renown places , hotels , parks etc....

    good luck

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    Re: Listing of good free travel apps to work with Windows Phone 7

    The best free travel apps that can work on windows phone 7 are

    • Offline Maps
    • My trip
    • Trip Advisor
    • On MyWay
    • Travel Walley
    • Guide Post
    • Weather Live
    • Yelp
    • Translater
    • Currency converter
    • Trvelocity
    • History here
    There are some other apps available for the windows phone

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