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    Local drives in my windows 7 installed computer are missing

    I am using Windows 7 in my Dell Laptop.Recently I am facing the problem that the local drives are seems to be missing in windows Explorer.Some times the USB drive and the CD drive also missing. Because of this,I cannot able to access any drives on my system. At the time time I am facing this more while connecting a USB. Each time I use Autoplay and If I missed that then it comes difficult to access my external drive. I do not know the problem behind this. I want anyone to give me a clear and correct solution for this. I want it as soon as possible as you can.Thanks in Advance !!!

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    Re: Local drives in my windows 7 installed computer are missing

    You will not find the drives in the Windows Explorer if the drive is not set enabled so you need to set it enable.To set Enable,Click Start and type Device Manager and press Enter.Now the Device Manager will appears.Find the Disk drives and expand once you saw to bring the list of drives.If the icon of the drives showing arrow pointing down then it seems to be in Disableb state so you sould enable it.Double-click on the drive which shows down arrow and select the Enable button.In the Enabling a device dialog box,click Next and again click next than hit finish finally.Then close the device Manager window and see the drives on your Windows Explorer.
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    Re: Local drives in my windows 7 installed computer are missing

    By setting the drivers enabled you will see the drivers on your system

    Follow these steps to do so

    • Go to the start button and click on it
    • The type the Device Manager in the search and press enter
    • Then navigate to the Device Manager windows
    • Then expand the Disk drivers
    • Now you will find the list of drivers if the diver is not enable then it shows down arrow icon
    • Now double click on driver which has the down arrow next to it
    • then enable the driver and then click on next and then click on next again
    • Now click on Finish.
    That's it.

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