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    Local drives opens in new window on my computer

    I have PC powered by Windows XP. The drives in the computer takes separate window to appear. I use to go into local drives through My computer so I will click on My computer then the Windows Explorer will be opened.If I select any of the drive in this window then it takes me into another new window.I do not know how to make changes for it. I do not want that to be opened in new window instead I want it in the same window so that I can use as per my convenience.Please guide me to overcome this problem !!!

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    Re: Local drives opens in new window on my computer

    This will be changed sometimes if you did any wrong settings. Go to Start button and click on it then select control Panel in it. Now the control panel window will appears. Then Double-click on Folder options. The Folder options dialog box will appears. Then tap on General tab where you can see Browse Folders. Under Browse Folders, select ‘’Open each folder in the same window’ and finally click on Apply and then click OK. NOw Go to the My computer and click on it and get into the drive you want.
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    Re: Local drives opens in new window on my computer

    If then My Computer > Tools > Folder options > Under 'Browse Folders' > Select > Open Each Folder in the Same Windows, if it doesn't work then this problem arises when there is any virus in your computer then to check whether any virus is hidden in your local hard disk.
    if you are using windows 7 then
    ►open my computer and click on organize and click on folder and search options.
    ►click on view and click on show hidden files
    if there are any .exe files in your local disk then virus is there is in your computer
    download the antivirus and scan the system and remove the virus infected files,thus your problem can be solved
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    Re: Local drives opens in new window on my computer

    Hello friend...

    I think you windows setting is change so you try this step then you solved this problem....

    Open the My computer, click the "Tools" bar then click the "Folder options".

    Open the Folder Option windows then click the "General" tab

    click the radio button "Open the each folder in the same window".

    Then click the Apply Button and Ok Button...


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    Re: Local drives opens in new window on my computer

    hi dear friend...........to over come this issue ....

    fist click on the start menu ......and open the control panel

    or............directly press windows key + r and type in that control and press ENTER

    then control panel window will be displayed ....then choose the option switch to classic view from the left pane of the same window

    then your ...all the icons of control panel are...will be displayed

    then in that click on the folder options

    after another window will be displayed ....in that window choose the general TAB

    then click on the restore defaults option which is located at the bottom of the window


    select the open each folder in the same window option

    then click OK button......................ALL THE BEST

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    Re: Local drives opens in new window on my computer

    Hello Friend,

    Sometime When Virus in our PC that change some setting of Our OS So for Opening Folder In Same Window Than

    Start >> Control Panel >> Folder Option Than Check In General Setting And Choose the "open each window in the same window"
    And Press Ok Button.

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