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    Log on speed of windows xp is too slow

    My windows xp is taking too much time to log on. It even takes more time to open applications after that on first time but works fine after that. It is not a big issue but it consumes so much time so I am trying to find a solution of this problem. Is there anyone who can help me in fixing this issue i.e improvement in logon speed.

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    Re: Log on speed of windows xp is too slow


    The factors behind slow booting are as follows.

    1. The system may have virus infection.

    2. There may have too many START UP programs to process.

    If the system is not protected by Antivirus and the virus definition of the software are not changed periodically the system can be infected and will lead to slow access and finally will come to a halt. So install a good antivirus, and update at regular interval.

    Remove those programs those are unnecessary for the use, stop Windows loading them during startup, remove unimportant TSR programs , remove unnecessary files from the disk. Disable Windows Automatic Update option,but Update Manually regularly. Turn Windows Features Off which are not required.
    Those will surely speed up your system booting.


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    Re: Log on speed of windows xp is too slow


    This can be a virus problem. Viruses causes to slow the performance of the PC. So scan the entire system through a branded Antivirus like Quick Heal, E-Scan, McAfee etc.

    There may be you have activated the "Windows update". This feature of the windows download many types of updates for the computer & install them.

    While this process of Installation of the updates your PC gets slow during you gets log in or Shutdown the PC. So please Off the windows update feature. Whereas there is no

    changes made through this update.

    You may have shutted off the PC forcefully during running many windows or programs. This can take too many times to Log in to the PC.

    All the Best...

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