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    Lost mail folders in Windows Mail

    I have a strange experience when I recently updated Windows Mail. I had created some folders in my account and after this update; I lost all those mail folders. How to retrieve those folders?

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    nikil kumar Array
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    Re: Lost mail folders in Windows Mail

    Hello friend...

    C:\Users\usernamexxxx\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Wind ows Live Mail

    go to the above one and notice that folders are missing or not.

    If they then go to WLM and click on the VIEW then click on the COMPACT VIEW

    Then click on the green plus and all the folders even the missing folders will show up on the dailouge box.

    Then put a check mark beside all the folders you want and click ok

    Now when you click on the compact view once more all the folders should appear.....

    Hope this may help you.....

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    development Array
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    Re: Lost mail folders in Windows Mail

    Hello Dear Friend ...

    Generally when you Delete something in Windows mail ..

    It goes in to the " Deleted Items Folder "

    If you do not empty that folder .. you can easily Retrieve them

    If not then you can not recover them easily

    Try a file Undelete utility like Recuva

    Hope It helped


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