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    Lost run.dll file in windows xp. How to repair the system?

    Actually i don’t know the real cause of this issue but I was using Windows XP and it was working fine. There were no antivirus so i installed Avast Free antivirus and scanned the whole computer. It found some infected files. When i tried to fix all these issues,it has deleted “run.dll” file. Now I am not able to open even any Option in Control Panel. What to do for fixing this issue?

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    Re: Lost run.dll file in windows xp. How to repair the system?

    “Run.dll” is an important file. To bring your PC back in normal mode,you will have to restore the same. To do so,first of all check your recycle bin for that file. If it is present then select it and right click on it. Once done,select the “Restore” and you are done.Otherwise insert your windows xp bootable cd into boot mode and choose the “Repair” option. It will automatically add the missing file and thus will fix your issue.
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    Re: Lost run.dll file in windows xp. How to repair the system?

    1. Generally the deleted files are present in the recycle bin
    2. If you did not delete the files from the recycle bin you can easily install the file again easily
    3. Choose the file which you want to reinstall
    4. Then right click on that then select the option restore
    If you cleared it from the recycle bin also You need to insert the disk and then install the run.dll file again
    To do the same

    • Insert the windows XP bootable disc and then boot the device
    • Then select the option Repair
    • Now it will install all the files automatically.
    This will solve your problem

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