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    Lost sound after upgrading from windows xp to windows 7

    I have completed the upgrade from windows xp to windows 7 yesterday. After the completion of upgrade, i am not able to listen any kind of music because sound doesn't work at all. The sound indicator works but sound doesn't comes out. I have checked the wire and everything is fine. What can be the issue and what should i do to fix the same?

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    Re: Lost sound after upgrading from windows xp to windows 7

    First of all,make sure that your Playback devices are enabled. Right-click on the speaker icon which appears on your taskbar. Then Select 'Playback Devices'. Now in the empty space, Right-click and select both 'Show Disconnected/Disabled Devices'. Are you able to see icons of your Speakers or headphone?You may need to enable both of them. Run the troubleshooter to know more about issues.To do the same,click on "Start">>Control Panel. Type "Troubleshooting" in the search box which appears on the top spot and hit the enter button. Select "Troubleshooting" After that click on "hardware and Sound">>Playing Audio. Inform us,if it fixed your issue.If you are facing any issue further then feel free to add a question in this forum.
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    Re: Lost sound after upgrading from windows xp to windows 7

    To find a solution of the problem you need to do the following:

    Check all connected devices if they are properly connected.
    Check their condition,
    Install a fresh device driver for audio .
    To install driver for audio, insert your audio driver containing CD into optical drive and start installing the driver.
    If you are not using any external driver then the generic driver will do, for that click Start--Control Panel--System and Securities--Device Manager--sound..........--Driver--uninstall. to remove the existing, From the same
    menu select Update Driver , to install latest from microsoft and will solve your problem.

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    Re: Lost sound after upgrading from windows xp to windows 7

    Dear this due to the poor sound drivers.

    Follow these steps to get rid of it.

    1. Right click on the my computer and the device manager.

    2. right click the sound device.

    3. click on the update driver.

    4. Click search for the drivers automatically.

    5. you will need active internet connection to be able to do so.

    6. once updated your sound problem shall be solved

    For the further help post to my visitor massage.


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    Re: Lost sound after upgrading from windows xp to windows 7

    Hi dear friend..........to overcome this issue .......follow the below instructions

    first of all press windows key+r and type dxdiag command in the run box

    now press ENTER key from the keyboard ........and next click on YES button

    then tap on SOUND button......and check the NOTES box

    if there is any problems in sound drivers ....it will show you .......other wise its like NO PROBLEM FOUND

    and if found any problem........simply re-install the sound drivers Other wise......

    Again press windows key+r and type mmsys.cpl and press ENTER key...,...and Check the below settings

    tap on playback tab.... and select Speakers.........and make it as Enable

    after that click on properties button from the below of same window .....and check all the settings

    and also check whether there is any hard ware problem.......


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    Re: Lost sound after upgrading from windows xp to windows 7

    Hello friend,

    I have the solution for your problem just do as i say...................

    1.You require to install the Audio drivers to listen the sound.

    2.The motherboard Cd will be given along with your computer when you purchase your computer.

    3.Insert that Cd and open that Cd files.

    4.There you select the drivers which you want to install.

    5.At last you click on the option 'Install' to install those drivers in your computer.

    That's it by doing as i said you can solve your problem.

    Have a nice day............

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    Re: Lost sound after upgrading from windows xp to windows 7

    Hello dear friend

    Try to follow the below steps for your problem

    -->Adjust the sound settings

    -->Test with different audio players like VLC media player

    -->Install audio codecs

    -->Try system restore

    -->There after check your sound in the note book

    -->Right click on windows audio and choose properties and in the change in the start up to automatic and click on OK

    -->Reinstall the audio player from device manager

    -->Check the cable connections and control

    Finally the problem will be solved


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