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    Making a system recovery on Windows

    While I tried to delete Linux from my computer, I happened to do it in the wrong partition and deleted Windows instead. Could I do a system recovery to get it back?

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    winlearner Array
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    Re: Making a system recovery on Windows

    Simple steps

    clicking the Start button
    type System Restore
    click on System Restore (which appear in list)
    restore based on your last back up

    using some partition recovering tool we can recover our system.

    hope this will help you

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    sivaditya Array
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    Re: Making a system recovery on Windows

    System recovery will not recover deleted files.
    the purpose of system restore is to recover settings, particular registry settings.
    if you want to recover your lost or deleted files. you must use recuva or icare data recovery or any other third party recovery software.
    i want to mention one more point here. that is system restore will sometime recover the files too if those are files are necessary for system to run properly,

    happy to assist you

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    Aniruddha Array
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    Re: Making a system recovery on Windows

    You have deleted the wrong partition of Windows , as you have said.

    Once the partition is deleted there is no way the Windows System Recovery will recover the files, programs or the partition.
    Though you can try to find some third party recovery softwares from the internet for partition recovery, the success is not assured.

    You need to repartition the Hard Disk and freshly install Windows to your computer.

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