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    Marketplace giving an Error code "c101a249" on Windows Phone

    i am using Nokia Lumia windows phone where using marketplace to download apps, but yesterday got the error code as mentioned above with message there is a problem completing your request. Try again later. After getting it, unable to update or download any items. Any help would be appreciated!!

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    Re: Marketplace giving an Error code "c101a249" on Windows Phone

    the problem with updating multiple applications has been reported to MS. You can try following workarounds to install the update:
    - Check if you have not disabled cookies in the internet explorer. Enable cookies - Tap Settings, Applications, Internet Explorer, and tap to place a check in "Allow cookies on my phone" and to start the update again.
    - Try to run start the update one at the time
    - Uninstall the program from your device, cancel the update, reinstall the program from marketplace (latest version would be installed)

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    Re: Marketplace giving an Error code "c101a249" on Windows Phone


    When the Market place Giving an Error code "c101a249" on windows phone then it might arise due to the lack of update.

    and make sure that the cookies are not disabled , if so then Enable them .

    and Allow cookies on your phone .

    cancel the previous ongoing download if any .

    and check for the latest update available and update immediately .

    you can find the regular and latest updates on Marketplace . download them at regular intervals

    Thank you..

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    Re: Marketplace giving an Error code "c101a249" on Windows Phone

    Dear guest,

    The error c101a249 relates to the lack of update... You can hence solve the query.

    tap on the settings tile.
    1. Go to applications settings
    2. Select Internet explorer
    3. Tick mark the allow cookies on my phone.
    4. Now try updating your phone..
    5. This shall solve your problem.

    Thank you...

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