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    Message issues with my Windows Samsung phone

    Whenever I delete a message from the inbox of my Windows Samsung phone, it just gets deleted but the same message appears on the sent items. I am not able to delete that message from the sent items as the ‘delete’ option seems missing for that particular messages. How to fix this issue?

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    dave.sachin Array
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    Re: Message issues with my Windows Samsung phone

    hello friend,

    it happens some time when you access internet a lot . the temporaries file are loaded which can result in hanging of phone or some technical problem. you can try one thing is delete your temporary files from the internet browser, and switch it off and then switch it on again and check if the items or messages are deleted or not.

    if it doesn't work then go to the nearest Samsung smartphone service center and get it serviced, there can be some technical fault in the hardware of the phone.
    you can contact the customer care Samsung smartphone through online also and get to know the service center information in your area on the link provided below:

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    Re: Message issues with my Windows Samsung phone

    Hello my dear friend,

    I have got u the solution for the problem it happens because of some software problem so u try this method just remove all cache memory and then switch it off and switch it on it may work.

    If it doesn't work then do the same process and then go to phone restore options and restore ur phone settings..

    If it also doesn't work u just try above said thing and then remove off ur memory card and check......

    Try these things these may work...

    Thank u.............

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