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    Method to block Services on Windows 8 Internet Explorer?

    I don't want few services on my default browser Internet Explorer so I have decided to block them but I don't know the method in doing that. I have checked in the firewall settings from the Control Panel > Security Center but none of them listed all the active services. Earlier I have run the webex plugin which creating nonsense on my browser, always recommending new plugins.

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    Re: Method to block Services on Windows 8 Internet Explorer?

    Hello my dear Friend

    For this You can go to the Control Panel and there you can click on the "System and security " option

    There by you can see the " Blocked Start up programs " which is present under the Notification Area

    Then you must go to click on the " Show or Remove the Blocked Programs " from the Options

    Now you can select the "Software Explorer " for the Services

    After that it will give you a Option called " Disable "

    Finally if you are Prompted for the above issues you can click on "Yes "

    That is all

    Thus you can resolve the issue by follow the above process

    Good luck

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