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    Microsoft online help doesn't appear in windows XP Professional SP2

    I am working on Microsoft Office 2003 on my windows xp professional SP2. I was facing few minor problems so visited the Help menu but clicking on Microsoft Office Online for help doesn't open any help window. However,an information bar appears at the top of the windows.Do you know,how to fix this issue?

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    Re: Microsoft online help doesn't appear in windows XP Professional SP2

    It happens due to the pop-up blocking feature of internet explorer 6 which originally comes with XP Service Pack2. You can override the pop-up blocker. Simply click on the link with ctrl pressed. To enable pop-up window temporarily, click on the information bar at the top and click "Temporarily Allow Pop-ups". If you want to enable pop-up windows permanently,choose the option which shows "Always allow pop-ups from this site". If you can see "Would you like to allow pop-ups from office.microsoft.com?" then click on "Yes".
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