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    Microsoft Security Essentials not able to start in Windows 7

    Hi, having issue with accessing of Microsoft Security Essentials in Windows 7. After uninstalling Norton antivirus software, i installed MSE on my system and having issue with not starting. It is not starting even after clicking on MSE icon in taskbar. How to fix the issue?

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    Re: Microsoft Security Essentials not able to start in Windows 7


    Sometimes it happens that previous installations left lots of leftover and switches off that restrict the later installation face hurdle to be activated, your`s is such a case.Here is a suggestion which might help you.

    In case of Windows 7 installed systems,

    click "START" > in the Search box, type services.msc > ENTER.

    Search for "Microsoft Antimalware Service", double-click to open the service.

    Make sure "Startup Type" is set to "Automatic".

    Click "START" to start the service. If the Start button isn't available, click the Stop button, and then click the Start button to restart the service.

    Remove previous Antivirus installation completely.


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