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    Microsoft xps document writer not appearing on Windows XP

    Even though I have installed Microsoft xps document writer into my PC running on Windows XP, I can’t find it under ‘Printers and Fax’. It seems that I need to re-install the document writer. Can I display it without a re-installation?

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    Re: Microsoft xps document writer not appearing on Windows XP

    You need to click the ‘Printers and Fax’ in the Control Panel and choose ‘Add a Printer’ option from the right pane. A set up wizard will then appear on the screen from which click the ‘Next’ option. Then, select the radio button resides next to ‘Local Printer’ label. Scroll through the drop down menu and choose ‘XPS Port’. Press the ‘Next’ button and select ‘Microsoft’ under manufacturer section. The next step required is to click the ‘Microsoft XPS Document writer’ option. Hit the ‘Next’ button afterwards and see whether the document writer is visible under ‘Printers and Fax’.

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