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    "Minecraft Error: Bad Video Card Drivers." on Windows 8 System.

    When I play Minecraft Game Online on my Windows 8 machine, I get the error message "Minecraft Error: Bad Video Card Drivers." and then the game quits abruptly. What is the solution for this, what requirement does this game needs? Please help me by suggesting a solution, hope you respond soon.

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    rautaripu Array
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    Re: "Minecraft Error: Bad Video Card Drivers." on Windows 8 System.

    Hi friend,

    This problem created by the video card driver not supporting. So please download the video driver again and install it. I am mentioning the steps to download the driver, please follow it.:

    > First of all right click on my computer then select "manage" in it

    > Then expand to "Device manager"

    > On right side of Device manager expand to "system devices"

    > Select your video driver from this list & right click on it

    > Go to properties and select "details" tab

    > you will your driver name under the value

    > copy it then close the entire window.

    > Go to your browser and type "www.devid.info" in address bar.

    > In this website paste the copied driver name.

    > you will see many links for your video driver, download your driver from any link & install it.

    Hope your problem has been solved now...

    Thank you...................

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    Re: "Minecraft Error: Bad Video Card Drivers." on Windows 8 System.

    Hello my dear Friend

    It is Not a Big Issue you can resolve it by follow the below Instructions

    For this you must Go to the Manufacturer website and Get the Websites from there

    Then After try to Launch the driver then you can Update the Drivers by follow the below steps

    >> Choose to select the " Start " menu and then Go to the "search " option

    >> There you can see the "Computer " and click on the "Manage "

    >> Then if you prompted for the User Account control click on "Yes"

    >> Now you can Just Double click on the " Display Adapters " and there you can see the List of Applications

    >> On which Select the Graphic Controller and the Update the "Software "

    That is all

    Thus you can Resolve the issue

    Good luck

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    Re: "Minecraft Error: Bad Video Card Drivers." on Windows 8 System.

    There is no ihformation regarding your system at all, and to analyse and troubleshoot it is very important to know the configuration.However, in a general analysis, the issue can be diagnosed as the following :1. The Game need a specific Sound Card and the computer does not have it.2. It might be the Video Card Driver program that is either corrupt or missing.3. The Minecraft Game you have installed might be corrupt.For a solution take corrective measures for those issues.You may need to Open the cabinet and remove the Video Card from the slot and after cleaning the contacts install again.Install new driver for display in windows, click START--CONTROL PANEL--SYSTEM AND SECURITY--DEVICE MANAGER--DISPLAY--DRIVER--UNINSTALL, and remove the existing. Install Video Driver from the disk that you may have aquired from the manufacturer of the display card, or log into the manufacturers website and download latest model specific, windows Vista compatible driver and install.Uninstall the Game , download another copy of Minecraft and install.These should fix the issue.

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    Re: "Minecraft Error: Bad Video Card Drivers." on Windows 8 System.

    Hello friend,

    You need to update your Video Card driver. Your video card driver is old so you are not being able to play the online game. To update the drive you have to visit the card maker website and download the latest driver.Now install the drive to your PC and play the game. If you ares till having trouble with the game then there must be some hardware issue involved in it. You should check internet wheather your video card is compable with the minecraft game or not. There are some games that are not compatible with some video card.

    You should also download another copy of minecraft game from the internet to make sure your inatll the latest version of the game.


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    Re: "Minecraft Error: Bad Video Card Drivers." on Windows 8 System.

    There isn't any information regarding your method in any way, and to study in addition to troubleshoot it's very important to understand your configuration.However, throughout a standard investigation, the challenge may be clinically determined seeing that the subsequent :1. The actual Game desire a specific Appear Greeting card and the pc don't even have it.2. This may be the Movie Greeting card Operator system that's possibly tainted or even missing.3. The actual Mine craft Game you've got put in may very well be corrupt.For an answer bring restorative procedures for the people issues.You might need to Open up this cabinet and take away your Movie Greeting card in the slot in addition to following cleaning the acquaintances deploy again.Install brand new new driver for present throughout microsoft windows, click START--CONTROL PANEL--SYSTEM AND SECURITY--DEVICE MANAGER--DISPLAY--DRIVER--UNINSTALL, and take away your existing. Mount Movie Operater in the hard drive that you may have aquired from the manufacturer on the present greeting card, or even journal in to they web page in addition to acquire hottest type specific, microsoft windows Landscape compatible new driver in addition to install.Uninstall your Game , acquire one more backup of Minecraft in addition to install.These must correct your issue.

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    Re: "Minecraft Error: Bad Video Card Drivers." on Windows 8 System.

    Hi, Dear friend

    Generally whenever the Display drivers corrupted .... then it will behaves like that

    And to get the solution for the above problem ...........follow these instructions

    First of all press windows key+R and type Devmgmt.msc and click OK

    And now expand DISPLAY ADAPTERS option ..... and right click on Graphic card device ..... and choose UPDATE DRIVER SOFTWARE option

    and now click on SEARCH AUTOMATICALLY FOR UPDATED DRIVER SOFTWARE option ... ... and follow the instructions

    and if you are unable to solve the issue .......simply uninstall the complete drivers from the device manager

    Then restart the PC ...... after that re-install the drivers ... again ......after that it will be solved

    Thank you!!!@@##@

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