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    Missing standby option in Windows shut down dialog box in Asus notebook

    The standby option appears to be missing in Windows shut down dialog box in my Asus notebook. How can I retrieve this option?

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    Re: Missing standby option in Windows shut down dialog box in Asus notebook

    Go through the steps below to get a solution for your issue.
    • Go to Start, Settings and then Control Panel
    • Double tap on the Systems icon, and then on Device Manager tab
    • Tap on ‘+’ next to System Devices and tap and remove the ‘Advanced Power Management Support’ option and reboot the system
    • If problem is not resolved, tap on ‘+’ next to Floppy disk controllers. Tap and remove the ‘Standard Floppy Disk Controller’ option and reboot the system
    • If this time also the issue is not resolved, go to CMOS Setup to check whether Power Management is enabled
    By performing these steps your issue will most probably be solved.

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    Re: Missing standby option in Windows shut down dialog box in Asus notebook

    shutdown.jpg standby300pa.jpg

    dear friend,

    There are several reasons behind this problem-

    1. Consequent two times computer hang when you tried to bring your computer to the standby mode.

    2. Unfortunate click on any kind of message which is preventing to open the Standby option.

    3. Advanced power management system is not configured properly in BIOS setup.

    Follow these steps to resolve this issue-

    Open device manager from the Control panel.
    Click to expand System Devices.
    Search for the Advanced power management option.

    If APM option isn't present then-

    Open the control panel.
    Select Add a New hardware option.
    Proceed step by step.
    If it detects APM in your computer then do not proceed.
    If it doesn't detect APM then Contact to your nearest service center.

    If APM option is present then-

    Restart your computer & check for the issue.
    If it doesn't help you then again open device manager from the control panel.
    Delete Standard Floppy disc controller by expanding Floppy disc controller.

    If nothing works then use the registry editor to solve the issue-

    Click on the Start button.
    Type Run in the search box & click on the option appeared.
    It'll open the Run window.
    You may also open it by pressing Windows key+R button together.
    Type regedit in the edit field & press enter.
    It'll open the registry editor.
    Point to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\System\CurrentControlSet\Servic es\VXD\VPOWERD & reduce the flag value by 200.

    Restart your computer & now you can see the Standby option in Windows shut down dialog box.

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