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    Modem not working in Windows 7

    My HP notebook has got the new OS Windows 7 last week. After installation, its modem is not working. How can I fix this issue?

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    ajay569 Array
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    Re: Modem not working in Windows 7


    1. Put the driver install disk in the drive and dismiss the autoplay thing. open the disc and right click the setup or install icon.

    2. Choose properties and click on the compatibility tab and choose to run in Windows XP etc.

    3. Install hopefully, I cannot promise that this will work, but there is no harm in trying it.

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    haydude Array
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    Re: Modem not working in Windows 7

    Hay friend its a very easy problem to solve....
    1)Do the following steps...
    Right Click on computer/My Computer>Manage>Device Manager>Modems>Update that adapters...
    2)Your problem will be solved...
    3)You should troubleshoot problem of modems....
    Go to Control panel>Network and internet>Network and shearing center>Click troubleshoot problem...
    your problem will be solved...

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    window Array
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    Re: Modem not working in Windows 7

    Hi friend,

    Here are the steps by which you can solve your problem of modem:-

    1. Shutdown modem and computer.

    2. Disconnect all ethernet cables.

    3. Reset modem.

    4. Reconnect ethernet cables.

    5. Booted modem and pc.

    6. Ran setup discs for modem.

    7. Restore modem to factory defaults.

    8. look whether the light is blinking i.e, DLS light.

    9. If so the modem is working.

    10. check whether the modem adapter is connected properly, so that the power is supplied.

    If the problem is still not solved then contact the cable operator.

    Hope i have helped you in getting relevant information.

    All the best

    Thanking you....

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    Vishant Array
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    Re: Modem not working in Windows 7

    Hey here is the solution for your problem, Try this.

    Follow the steps below to configure the modem:-

    1) Go to "Start" >>> "Control Panel" >>> "Phone And Modem".

    2) Click on the "Modem" tab and see whether your modem is listed or not.


    3) If listed then remove it from there.

    4) Now again connect it with the system, and re-install it, after installing check on the properties and configure it to run in windows xp.

    Now see if the modem work or not.

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    Aniruddha Array
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    Re: Modem not working in Windows 7


    The modem should have worked with the windows but let us find why it failed to do so.

    The driver software the modem is using, is it of windows own or the modem manufacturers supplied one? Download a fresh copy from internet in both the cases, either from Microsoft site or the manufacturers of the modems site, mentioning the model of the modem and install it.

    Check the cables and connectors and the connecting port for alignment and smooth error free communication.

    Check the modem itself for its health.

    Thank you.

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    sai charan Array
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    Re: Modem not working in Windows 7

    Hello friend,

    I will help you to solve your problem k,Don't worry you just follow my steps k.

    1.Disconnect your modem connecting cable k.

    2.Now open the properties of my computer k.

    3.Now click on the manage option and then go to the modem driver's and then update driver's k.

    4.If the above process doesnot work then uninstall the present drivers k.

    5.Now download the latest version of the drivers which are compatable with your windows k.

    6.Now install the drivers any itshould work for sure now k.

    That's it enjoy k...................

    All the best k.............................

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