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    Monitor get stuck on power save mode while using PC running on Windows XP

    I am using Dell Dimension 2400 processor with my PC running on Windows XP and it is working fine. Yesterday when I opened Google Chrome, the screen went black after sometime and the system restarted itself. As the screen remains black, I pressed some buttons on the monitor and screen displayed the message “system is in power saver mode and press any key to get out from this mode”. The monitor is not getting back to normal mode even after pressing a key. What should I do to resolve this issue?

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    Re: Monitor get stuck on power save mode while using PC running on Windows XP

    The first step required is to restart your system. You need to tap F8 button repeatedly while restarting. Once you can find the boot menu, stop tapping the button. Select the ‘Safe Mode’ from that menu using Up/Down arrow key. When you make sure that you are in ‘Safe Mode’, locate the ‘Last Known Good Configuration’ option. The most recent setting will be restored afterwards. After that, restart your system normally and see whether the issue gets resolved or not.

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    Re: Monitor get stuck on power save mode while using PC running on Windows XP

    Hello Friend,

    Our System Pre Defined Setting Means When We Have Not Work In Our System And System Have No Current Process For The 10 Mins Or Extra Than System Automatically Goes To Sleep Mode And When We Have Press Any Key Than They Turn Back In Normal Mode....

    Follow The Steps :

    >> If Not You Getting Back Than Just Restart The Windows
    >> Than Open The Control Panel Than Power Option
    >> After That Make The Sleep Mode Setting And Save The Setting....
    >> Than Your System Work With Your Setting....

    I Hope That Info Is Helpfully....

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    Re: Monitor get stuck on power save mode while using PC running on Windows XP


    What actually happend to your system is a matter of broad discussion, but to get back to the original setting with normal booting is what required.

    What you need to do is to check if you can boot in SAFE MODE in your system.

    To do so you need to press F8 only after POST (Power On Self Testing) checking by the computer BIOS, when the LEDs of the computer once turns on then gets off, immidietly start pressing F8 to enter a list of booting options and select SAFE MODE from there.
    Now you need to find L K G (Last Known Good) booting session from the offered menu , which in fact is the record saved by the system for such occations when the computer booted normally with all drivers and settings and supported files along.
    Once you find LKG click on it and the system will load the correct setting for normal booting to happen.

    Thank you.

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